Battle of Bratislava

About the Battle
  • We regret to bring you some sad news. All of us are familiar with the recent situation with all its complications and restrictions. Our group was determined to deal with all of them and bring you our now almost traditional historical festival. Unfortunately, more complications arose, including unavailability of our common spot – Sad Janka Krala park.

    Because of all those reasons, we were forced to cancel our event Battle for Bratislava 2020. We would like to bring you our festival again in 2021. See you all there, hopefully in good health.


Battle for Bratislava is a historical and cultural event which focuses mainly on re-enactment of real local military event from 17th century.

As usually you can expect the historical camp, presentation of the daily camp life in 17th century, presentation of the regiments, a parade trough the Old City and of course the Battle of Bratislava – reenactment of a military encounter from 1619.

Compared to previous year we are moving forward in historical timeline. This year we will be re-enactmenting battle – short siege of Bratislava which took place beneath city walls on 8. October 1620.
Bohemian revolt was slowly coming to it’s end, uprising of Gabriel Bethlen was also weakening at the time. Bratislava – Pressburg is however still in hands of Bethlen’s men. One of Emperor’s commanders Dampierre tried to take hold of Bratislava by unexpected move.
Emperor’s soldiers took siege against Bratislava and Dampierre himself led 3 attacks on the walls. During the last attack Dampierre was shot and died. His troops then retreated back to Vienna.